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Legacy Resource Management Program
Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the fact sheet requirement?
  The Legacy Office requires a project fact sheet as a deliverable, beginning with all projects funded in the fiscal year 2005. The Legacy Office will use fact sheets primarily for outreach as well as to respond to any applicable calls for success stories.

Please note, fact sheets will be posted publicly on DENIX, so fact sheets must be cleared for public release before submission to the Legacy Office.

Is the format of the fact sheet standardized?
  Yes, there is a required standard format. Download the single page fact sheet template or dual page fact sheet template (in Microsoft Word format) to begin your fact sheet. The template describes required sections, font size, etc. A completed sample fact sheet is also available to download.

Is there a page limit?
  Yes, fact sheets must be no more than (1) one page in length, single-sided, with text split into two columns (the template is pre-formatted to create columns). Fact sheets are not intended to replace technical reports, merely to provide a brief synopsis of the effort and highlight successes.

When are fact sheets due?
  Fact sheets are due to the Legacy Office at the completion of the project. The expected due date of the fact sheet is the same as the expected project completion date.

Do I need to enter the fact sheet on the expected products tab of my proposal?
  No, fact sheets are automatically entered as an expected product.

My project is a continuation project. Am I required to submit a fact sheet for each year of funding?
  Yes, there is no guarantee that Legacy will fund a project for multiple years. For continuation projects, fact sheets are due at project completion for each year of fiscal funding. Fact sheets may include findings from previous years if inclusion helps to clarify results.

Can I include graphics (photos, figures, tables, etc.) on the fact sheet?
  Yes, we encourage the use of graphics on fact sheets. Include a short description and, where applicable, photographer credit.

How do I submit a fact sheet?
  Submit fact sheets to Legacy the same as you would submit any other product. Visit Expected Products in the Legacy Guidebook for more detail.

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